The Cromaster croissant machine will add variety and flexibility to your baked goods production system. The Cromaster can produce more than just croissants, baguettes, egg tarts and salted bread sticks are also possible. And all this at impressive production rates of up to 24,000 croissants per hour.

RONDO Cromaster Leistungstarke Croissantmaschine



Strengths of the Cromaster

RONDO Cromaster Automatische Croissant Produktion

From croissants to egg tarts

  • Filled and unfilled croissants
  • Croissant sizes from 10 - 200 grams
  • Automated curved croissants
  • Also egg tarts, salted bread sticks, baguettes
RONDO Cromaster Schneidewellen

Compact and durable

  • Shortest version only 4.5 m long
  • Fits in every bakery
  • Robust, durable design
  • Reliable Siemens control system
RONDO Cromaster Drehvorrichtung

Fully automated process

  • Modern control concept RCC
  • Program settings can be saved
  • Cross-machine program management
RONDO Cromaster Reinigung

Fast product changeover

  • Change tools in a few simple steps
  • Universal curling cassette
  • The same cassette for filled and unfilled croissants
RONDO Cromaster Reinigen

Quick cleaning

  • Cassette can be wet cleaned or washed in the dishwasher
  • Smooth surfaces made of stainless steel
  • Quick-release belt
RONDO Control Concept RCC

Fully integrated, completely intuitive

  • Recipe linking right along the line: central management system enables fast changeovers
  • Touchscreen with RCC: intuitive to operate, even for semi-skilled personnel
Key features

Fast and precise

Process reliability and repeatability

The Cromaster works precisely, reliably and extremely productively – thanks to our experience in croissant production. From the pivoting guillotine to the motor-driven curling unit, all the components and machine processes are well thought out and proven in everyday operation.

up to 24,000

unfilled croissants per hour

  • 8-row production possible
  • 3,000 croissants per row / hour

up to 10,000

filled croissants per hour

  • 5-row production possible
  • 2,000 filled croissants per row / hour

up to 6,000

curved croissants per hour

  • 3-row production possible
  • 2,000 curved croissants per row / hour
Sales contact

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Your local RONDO contact person   USA

Peter Spinelli

President & General Manager RONDO North America

Baked goods

Ideal for these baked goods

With the Cromaster, you can produce a wide range of baked goods and pastries, including the following products:


Service contact

RONDO Service & Support

RONDO keeps your production line up and running – with regular inspections and servicing, where necessary by carrying out repairs and fitting replacement service kits.

Your local RONDO service partner USA

John Latshaw

Director of After Sales

Technical data

Technical data


Recommended operating time Multi-shift operation
Dough band width up to 570 mm
Conveyor belt width 640 mm
Speed of conveyor belt up to 10 m/min
Space requirement (L×W×H) 4,485 – 5,735 × 1,555 × 1,445 mm

Possible additional functions

- cross-machine program management with master function
- moulding plate for baguette production
- bending unit
- pressing rollers
- remote maintenance

Further information



With RONDO accessories, you can adapt the Cromaster to suit your specific needs.

RONDO Rondosprayer mit Sprüheinheiten


With the Rondosprayer you can spray, seed or sprinkle your baked goods evenly and efficiently.
RONDO Pneumatisches Füllgerät

Pneumatic filling depositor

The pneumatic filling depositor is suitable for a continuous flow of smooth or fine chunked fillings
RONDO Biegeeinheit für Croissants

Bending unit

The bending unit is the ideal addition to the Cromaster if you want to produce curved croissants automatically.
Supplementary machines

Supplementary machines

These machines are the perfect match for the Cromaster. You can use them to automate additional steps in your production process.