The new Croissomat 4.0: Automated production of the highest artisanal quality

Burgdorf-based bakery machine manufacturer RONDO is rolling out the Croissomat 4.0, a croissant machine with maximum process reliability. It has been developed specifically for artisanal bakeries with the highest quality requirements.

Croissomat 4.0 Kalibrierer

The Croissomat 4.0 produces croissants and other pastries that are every bit as good as handmade products. It is the ideal solution for bakery companies with several outlets that want to automate their croissant production.

Faster, more reliable, higher quality

The Croissomat 4.0 is the perfect addition to the RONDO croissant portfolio. It has numerous new features that ensure greater process reliability, efficiency and pastry quality. These include in particular:

  • Individually adjustable servo motors in all machine sections
  • Integrated calibrator for uniform, slack dough bands
  • Visible curling cassette for optimum quality control
  • Customisable triangle sizes for mini to maxi-sized croissants
  • 2 to 6-row production: up to 5,400 unfilled croissants per hour
  • Large product variety: sweet or savoury filled, rolled and folded products can be produced (also oval, rectangular or circular)
  • Bypass table that can be attached and removed without tools for any manual work
  • Extremely simple operation – even for untrained employees
  • Multilingual user interface

Experience our new machines in person at the iba Bakery Trade Show in Munich

You can experience the Croissomat 4.0 up close and personal for the first time at the upcoming iba Bakery Trade Show in Munich (22 - 26 October 2023) at stand 211 in hall A1.

Find more information about this machine on the Croissomat 4.0 website.

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