RONDO under new management

With Peter Studer at its helm, the company will focus on its strengths in the artisanal sector, as well as developing individual solutions in the industrial sector. 

RONDO Geschäftsleitung CEO Peter Studer

Peter Studer, 53, is a qualified chemical engineer and also has a degree in business administration and management. He has many years of experience in the industrial sector and has held various management positions at international enterprises over the last 25 years. By appointing the new CEO, RONDO is gaining a dynamic, down-to-earth manager and strategist who wants to fully exploit the potential of the Burgdorf-based company. 

Strengthening its market position in the industrial sector 

RONDO is well-known for its strengths such as product quality, process reliability and customer focus. In future, these will continue to be a main focus. The company is adding emphasis on the importance of the industrial customer sector. RONDO intends to increasingly focus on the development of customised solutions in this sector. Many development projects are in full swing and will soon be ready to be launched. “We can become just as successful in the international industrial sector as we are in the SME sector. It is certainly worth having RONDO on your radar,” says Peter Studer. 

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