Smartline can turn all types of dough into a slack dough band, but most notably hydrogenated, soft and pre-cooked dough. Able to calibrate a dough band thickness down to 0.4 mm, it can also produce thin dough products.

RONDO Smartline Beschickung von Feingebäcklinien



Strengths of the Smartline

RONDO Smartline Teigstreifen

For all types of dough

  • Puff pastry, Danish dough and donut dough. Also challenging, soft, highly-hydrated, pre-cooked and sticky dough
  • Firm and laminated croissant dough
  • Thin dough with a dough band thickness down to 0.4 mm
RONDO Smartline

Precise, gentle, reliable

  • Pivoting satellite head: produces a uniform, slack dough band
  • Perfect basis for high-quality, weight-accurate baked goods
RONDO Smartline Bedienpanel

Tailor made for your success

  • Can be combined with numerous accessories
  • Dough band formers, cross rollers, Rondo dusters and much more
  • Up to three calibrators
RONDO Polyline Starline Bedienpanel

Fully integrated, completely intuitive

  • Recipe linking right along the line: central management system enables fast changeovers
  • Touchscreen with RCC: intuitive to operate, even for semi-skilled personnel
RONDO Smartline Reinigung

Hygiene made easy

  • Sophisticated hygienic design
  • Smooth surfaces, stainless steel construction
  • Materials certified for food use

Smartline, Starline

Producing grain sticks

Look in detail at all of the process steps involved in the automated production of grain sticks with decorative cut on the Smartline and Starline.

300 - 1,200 kg

Dough per hour

Make-up lines or croissant machines can be fed with up to 1,200 kilograms of dough per hour (depending on the product).

0.4 - 30 mm

Dough band thickness

Max. 3 perfectly coordinated calibrators and an optional cross roller.

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Baked goods

Ideal for these baked goods

With the Smartline, you can produce a wide range of baked goods and pastries, including the following products:


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Technical data

Technical data


recommended operating time 24 h / 7 days a year
Dough band thickness Min. 0.4 mm (with 3 calibrators)
Conveyor belt width 640 mm
Roller gap 0.2 – 30 mm
Satellite diameter 320 mm
Sheeting speed < up to 10 m/min

Possible additional functions

- remote maintenance
- end to end -machine program management with master function

Further information

Sheeting and feeding with Smartline