Donuts & deep-fried pastries

Donuts appeal to both young and old the world over. The wide variety of fillings, shapes and decorations means that there are always new ways to experiment with this classic. Thanks to our RONDO donut lines, you can make every donut dream come true, regardless of the variant.

RONDO Mood Donut

Donuts & deep-fried pastries


Characteristics of deep-fried pastries

RONDO Mood Donut

Seductively airy and fluffy

Donuts and deep-fried pastries are generally characterised by a soft, fluffy texture that  comes from highly hydrated dough. RONDO processes these dough bands gently - yielding the highest possible product quality.

RONDO Donuts

Ready for any trend

With our RONDO machines, you can produce deep-fried pastries with any type of dough and a wide variety of fillings – even gluten-free or with reduced fat.

RONDO Verschiedene Donuts

All shapes and sizes

Create the perfect donut for every occasion  – from Halloween to Christmas specials. RONDO enables you to process hydrated dough in a gentle manner. And your creative decorative ideas will add the perfect finishing touch to this quality product.

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About donuts and deep-fried pastries

Donuts originated in the Netherlands, but became big in the USA. Today, donuts, with their creative toppings and fillings, are popular treats in many places. With donut lines from RONDO, you can stamp almost any pastry shape out of the dough band. RONDO installations can be used to produce not only donuts but also many other deep-fried baked goods such as bismarcks.

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Alexander Weissbach

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Perfect donuts and other deep-fried products

Do you want to start producing donuts? Or would you like to bring your donut production to the next level? Look no further! RONDO has the right donut machine for bakeries of any size.

Machines and lines

Machines for donuts and deep-fried pastries

RONDO will support your bakery operation by supplying a machine with the right capacity and level of automation. What they all have in common is high precision and the utmost reliability. Thanks to its modular design, your RONDO line can be configured to suit your specific needs.

RONDO Cutomat Ausroll- und Schneidemaschine


  • 40 g (donut without topping)
  • 1,200 pcs/h
RONDO Smart Donut Line


  • 40 g (donut without topping)
  • 11,000 - 12,000 pcs/h
RONDO ASTec Donut Linie


  • 40 g (donut without topping)
  • 14,000 pcs/h
  • > 700 kg/h
  • 24 h / 365 days a year 
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Pastry variations

Basic types of donuts and deep-fried pastries

Donuts and deep-fried pastries offer almost endless scope for creativity. With RONDO installations, you can take full advantage of this, starting with the following basic types.

RONDO Donut mit Streusel

Ring-type donut

  • Ring donut
  • Mini donut ball
RONDO Berliner Bismarck Donut

Roll-type donut

  • Bismarck
  • Mini donut ball
  • Donut
RONDO Langer Donut

Long donut

  • Mandazi
RONDO Herz Donut

Special shapes

  • Apple
  • Heart
  • Shapes according to trends or client requirements