The compact Croissomat produces croissants and other wound baked goods at a consistently high quality – at an output of up to 4,500 pieces per hour.

RONDO Croissomat SCMG mit Kalibriereinheit



Strengths of the Croissomat

RONDO Croissomat SCMG Wickeleinheit

Compact and ergonomic

  • Only 4 m long, including calibrator
  • Layouts can be adapted to fit lines into non standard spaces
  • Available with curling unit and controls on the right-hand side
RONDO Croissomat SCMG Pneumatisches Füllgerät

Filled, unfilled or both?

  • Croissomat SCM for unfilled croissants only
  • Croissomat SCMG for filled and unfilled croissants
  • Fast product changeover possible
RONDO Croissomat Drehtisch

Reliable and repeatable

  • Triangles are stamped, turned and then curled to perfection
  • Top quality: greater layer visibility due to stamping after baking
RONDO Croissomat SCM Detailbild


  • Identical baked goods in terms of shape, size and weight
  • Consistently tight or loose winding
RONDO Croissomat Reinigung

Easy to clean

  • Can be moved for cleaning
  • All parts are accessible without tools
  • Open design prevents build-up of deposits
Key features

Compact and productive

A machine that has the knack

You can produce around 900 unfilled croissants per row and hour with the Croissomat. Depending on the pastry size, it may be possible to use several rows, resulting in 4,500 pieces per hour for 5-row production. With a second, optional curling unit, you can further increase the capacity of the croissant machine.


unfilled croissants per hour

  • Between 2 and 5 production rows
  • 900 croissants per row
  • With Croissomat SCM or SCMG


filled croissants per hour

  • Between 2 and 5 production rows
  • 700 croissants per row
  • With Croissomat SCMG


curved croissants per hour

  • 3-row production possible
  • Croissants that look hand-curved 
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Peter Spinelli

President & General Manager RONDO North America

Baked goods

Ideal for these baked goods

With the Croissomat, you can produce a wide range of baked goods and pastries, including the following products:


Service contact

RONDO Service & Support

RONDO keeps your production lines up and running – with regular inspections and servicing, where necessary carrying out repairs and fitting replacement service kits.

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John Latshaw

Service Manager

Technical data

Technical data

Croissomat SCM

Dough band width approx. 530 mm
Conveyor belt width 640 mm
Speed of conveyor belt 9 m/min
Space requirement (L×W×H) 2,395 × 2,280 × 1,025 mm

Possible additional functions

- bypass table
- outfeed belt

Further information

Supplementary machines

Supplementary machines

These machines are the perfect match for the Croissomat. You can use them to automate additional steps in your production process.

Similar machines

Similar machines

These machines may also be of interest to you.

RONDO SCR 40 Croissantwickler

Croissant Curler SCR 40

The compact Croissant Curler SCR 40 takes costly manual tasks out of the production equation: It automatically turns dough triangles into unfilled croissants and curled baked goods.
RONDO Rondinette Teigausrollmaschine


The Rondinette is the curling unit for straightforward production of croissants. It is so compact that it can even be placed on a Cutomat, a cutting table or a make-up line. Its curling pressure can be adjusted.