Polyline is the gateway to a fully automated production process. It is highly versatile and offers space for up to four accessories operated in series.

RONDO Polyline Automatische Feingebäcklinie



Strengths of the Polyline

RONDO Rondofiller Diskontinuierliche Füllung

Versatile and gentle

  • Guillotine that can be moved along the line: Production of a wide variety of products in a confined space
  • For all types of dough, even shortcrust or thin dough
  • Folding, rolling, filling, decorating, cutting, stamping: anything is possible
RONDO Sandwiching Tobbogan

Configurable to suit your needs

  • Compact and configurable automated solution
  • 3 different lengths
  • 2 conveyor belt directions
  • Mobile: easy to move
RONDO Polyline Starline Bedienpanel

Operation via touch panel

  • Simple to operate, even for semi-skilled workers
  • Glass membrane keypad with clear, language-independent icons
  • Up to 99 products can be saved in the memory
RONDO Torpedo EE Faltstation

Expandable and future-proof

  • Versatile and easy to combine: Plug & play
  • Additional automated processes can be added using up to 4 motor-driven accessories
  • Robust, durable design without appearing bulky
RONDO Starline Reinigen

Hygiene made easy

  • Sophisticated hygienic design
  • Smooth surfaces, stainless steel construction
  • Materials certified for food production
  • Compliant with hygiene standard UL Sanitation
Key features

Versatile and gentle

Fast product changeover

See how a variety of cut and stamped pastries are produced on the Polyline. This is Multipurpose, one of the strengths of RONDO.

8 metres per minute

Speed of conveyor belt

The Polyline delivers a high rate of fully automated production thanks to the belt speed of max. 8 m/min.

15 - 20 kg

Dough block size

Dough bands can be processed uniformly even if the dough block quality varies.

4 accessories

operated in parallel

With up to four accessories that can be operated simultaneously, the Ecoline offers high levels of flexibility.

Sales contact

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Your local RONDO contact person   USA

Peter Spinelli

President & General Manager RONDO North America

Baked goods

Ideal for these baked goods

With the Polyline, you can produce a wide range of baked goods and pastries, including the following products:


Service contact

RONDO Service & Support

RONDO keeps your production line up and running – with regular inspections and servicing, where necessary carrying out repairs and fitting replacement service kits.

Your local RONDO service partner USA

John Latshaw

Director of After Sales

Technical data

Technical data



- 45° double-fold profile for the utmost stability
- steady, height-adjustable feet
- large rollers for easy movement

Technical data

Recommended operating time 1 to 2-shift operation
Conveyor belt width 640 mm
Dough band width < 600 mm
Speed of conveyor belt 0.5 – 8 m/min

Space requirement

Modular length 5,000, 6,200, 7,600 mm
Table width 715 mm
Table height 915 mm


- Filling depositor
- dough moistener
- up to 4 motor-driven accessories
- automatic feed on infeed side
- panning machine

Further information



With RONDO accessories, you canconfigure the Polyline to your specific needs.

RONDO Rondofiller


The Rondofiller isa universal filling depositor. It can process almost all fillings: soft or hard, fibrous or creamy.
RONDO Pneumatisches Füllgerät

Pneumatic filling depositor

The pneumatic filling depositor is suitable for a continuous flow of smooth or fine chunked fillings
RONDO Mechanisches Füllgerät

Mechanical filling depositor

The mechanical filling depositor is ideally suited for homogeneous, continuously flowing fillings.
RONDO Servomotorische Guillotine

Servo controlled guillotine

The servo controlled guillotine cuts and stamps baked goods from the dough band at a high frequency and with excellent cut quality.
RONDO Mechanische Guillotine

Mechanical guillotine

The mechanical guillotine cuts and stamps out products. It can be moved to make room for additional work steps.
RONDO Rondosprayer mit Sprüheinheiten


With the Rondosprayer you can spray, seed or sprinkle your baked goods evenly and efficiently.
Supplementary machines

Supplementary machines

These machines are the perfect match for the Polyline. You can use them to automate additional steps in your production process.