Starline is our fully automatic, fully expandable production line. It is extremely configurable, offering maximum performance with space for up to six accessories operated in series.

RONDO Starline Aufarbeitungslinie für Feingebäcke



Strengths of the Starline

RONDO Guillotine Automatische Feingebäckproduktion

For maximum productivity

  • Particularly robust design without appearing bulky
  • Designed for multi-shift operation
  • High efficiency due to fast, travelling guillotines 
RONDO Starline Kabelkanal

100% automated

  • Can be expanded to include up to 6 motor-driven accessories, plug & play
  • Simultaneous operation of all accessories possible
  • Automation can also be extended to upstream and downstream lines
RONDO Starline Touchscreen

Fully integrated, completely intuitive

  • Recipe linking right along the line: central management system enables fast changeovers
  • Touchscreen with RCC: intuitive to operate, even for semi-skilled personnel
RONDO Starline Guillotine

High-precision cutting and stamping

  • Choice of 2 powerful guillotines
  • High cutting force for clean edges
  • For perfect, homogeneous baked goods
RONDO Starline Reinigen

The latest hygiene standards

  • Sophisticated hygienic design
  • Smooth surfaces, stainless steel construction
  • Materials certified for food production
  • Compliant with hygiene standard UL Sanitation
Key features

Greater variety and efficiency

Fast product changeover

See how a variety of folded pastries are produced on the Starline. This is Multipurpose, a perfect example of the strengths of RONDO.

10 metres per minute

Speed of conveyor belt

High speed of conveyor belt turns the Starline into a pace setter for maximum productivity.

15 - 20 kg

Dough block size

Dough bands can be processed uniformly even if the dough block quality varies.

6 accessories

operated in parallel

With up to six accessories that can be operated simultaneously, the Starline creates a benchmark for flexibility.

Sales contact

Have we piqued your interest?

Get in touch with us. We would be happy to advise you on which solution best suits your needs.

Your local RONDO contact person   USA

Peter Spinelli

President & General Manager RONDO North America

Baked goods

Ideal for these baked goods

With the Smartline, you can produce a wide range of baked goods and pastries, including the following products:


Service contact

RONDO Service & Support

RONDO keeps your production line up and running – with regular inspections and servicing, where necessary carrying out repairs and fitting replacement service kits.

Your local RONDO service partner USA

John Latshaw

Director of After Sales

Technical data

Technical data



- cable duct at the top
- 45° double-fold profile for the utmost stability
- steady, height-adjustable feet

Technical data

Recommended operating time 2 to 3-shift operation
Conveyor belt width 640 mm
Dough band width < 600 mm
Speed of conveyor belt 0.5 – 10 m/min

Space requirement

Modular length 8,500, 10,000, 11,500 mm
Table width 715 mm
Table height 915 mm


- Filling depositor
- dough moistener
- up to 6 motor-driven accessories
- automatic feed on infeed side
- panning machine

Possible additional functions

- end to end machine program management with master function
- remote maintenance

Further information



With RONDO accessories, you can configure the Starline to suit your specific needs.

RONDO Rondofiller


The Rondofiller isa universal filling depositor. It can process almost all fillings: soft or hard, fibrous or creamy.
RONDO Pneumatisches Füllgerät

Pneumatic filling depositor

The pneumatic filling depositor is suitable for a continuous flow of smooth or fine chunked fillings
RONDO Mitlaufende Guillotine

Travelling guillotine

With this guillotine, the stamping and cutting device moves in line with the dough band. This allows you to work without a belt stop.
RONDO Servomotorische Guillotine

Servo controlled guillotine

The servo controlled guillotine cuts and stamps baked goods from the dough band at a high frequency and with excellent cut quality.
RONDO Rondosprayer mit Sprüheinheiten


With the Rondosprayer you can spray, seed or sprinkle your baked goods evenly and efficiently.
Supplementary machines

Supplementary machines

These machines are the perfect match for the Starline. You can use them to automate additional steps in your production process.

RONDO Kalibriereinheit Kalibrierer

Calibrating unit

Use the calibrating unit to join individual dough bands together to form a continuous band. This will allow you to feed your line with a constant dough band and avoid breaks in production
RONDO Compact Absetzmaschine

Compact Panning Machine

The Compact Panning Machine – the economic, simple and universal panning solution from RONDO.
RONDObot Bread Moulder


The RONDObot forms identical roundmoulded rolls with a high dough yield and open pores. Its secret is the multi-phase rounding process, which simulates manual round moulding. In this way, it delivers outstanding product quality. The tools can be changed automatically.