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A single line for a wide range of bread products

BioBackHaus Leib GmbH is a family-owned company with 220 employees, 13 company-owned shops and supplies around 150 shops that are stocked daily. We had the opportunity to have a chat with Mr Hans Leib, the owner, and Mr Karsten Freudenreich, the head of production/logistics, who told us about their experience with RONDObot and the new Smart Bread Line.

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BioBackHaus Leib


Customer: BioBackHaus Leib GmbH
Line: Smart Bread Line
In operation since: 2023
Products: cut, stamped and rounded breads and bread rolls in the weight range 50g - 600g
Dough capacity: up to 1,000 kg/h

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Why did you choose RONDO and the Smart Bread Line? 

Because we wanted to position ourselves differently/better than the competition and offer more product variety, further improve our quality and reduce our employees' workload without compromising on quality. In recent years, the number of shops has increased and we felt it was necessary to invest in a system that would simplify the work and operation of our employees. For this reason, we relied on the RONDO sales team and, thanks to their support, decided in favour of the Smart Bread Line.

We produce a wide range of products and can make product changes quickly and reliably, something that has never been seen before - sensational!

Karsten Freudenreich

Production/ Logistic Manager, BioBackHaus Leib GmbH (Germany)

To what extent have the RONDO machines improved your workflow and production processes? 

The quality of the product has improved considerably in terms of volume and appearance. In addition, the Smart Bread Line allows us to produce 5-6 products in a single morning thanks to fast and easy product changes.

BioBackHaus Leib

Hans Leib, owner of BioBackHaus Leib GmbH

BioBackHaus Leib

BioBackHaus Leib produces a wide range of bread products with the new RONDO Smart Bread Line and RONDObot.

BioBackHaus Leib

Karsten Freudenreich, Head of Production / Logistics

RONDO Success Story BioBackHaus

RONDObot changes the rounding plates for different product sizes fully automatically.

RONDO Success Story BioBackHaus

Smart Bread Line uses low-stress technology to produce cut, stamped, moulded and rounded bread.

RONDO Success Story BioBackHaus

BioBackHaus Leib GmbH

What do you like best about the Smart Bread Line? 

The oil-free processing of our doughs in combination with the low use of flour, the easy and uncomplicated cleaning thanks to the smooth surfaces and the consistent product quality. 

What are the advantages of working with a RONDO line? 

The Smart Bread Line is a system that fully convinces us of its ability to produce bread and rolls because of its flexibility, versatility, easy and intuitive operation. Another advantage is the quick and easy cleaning. In addition, we can use the Smart Bread Line to automatically produce Bauernkrusties and Olivenspitz; products that we would otherwise have to produced manually.


Mr Leib and Mr Freudenreich, thank you for your time!

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