With widths from 700 to 1500 mm, RONDO production lines meet the current requirements of industry. Modular in structure, but custom-built, they also meet your specific needs.

Our lines process puff-pastry and Danish doughs, yeast dough, bread and pizza doughs, thin dough and even gluten-free doughs.

Diversity, quality, hygiene.

Cutting, filling, folding.

Cutting, filling, braiding.


Our accessories create limitless possibilities for the automatic production of baked products of all kinds. If you want to fold, plait, roll, or sandwich the dough, everything is possible. A wide range of decoration tools make your pastries unmistakable. High-performance filling depositors, dusters and sprayers complement the range and give your pastry that certain extra touch.

Of course the RONDO accessories and add-ons are all in ASTec design, so they meet ultra-high hygiene requirements.

No matter whether cream, vegetable or meat fillings are involved, RONDO filling depositors discharge them without difficulty.

Cinnamon (or raisin) rolls, mini cinnamon (or raisin) rolls and other rolled products can be produced with high capacity.

With sandwiching, you cover the filling with a second dough band and then stamp out the products.

The good accessibility of the guillotines in ASTec design makes cleaning easier.

The diversity of stamped products is almost limitless.

With different decorative rollers, numerous product variants can be manufactured.

ASTec accessories can be wet-cleaned and washed down.

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