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We are well into 2018 already and the year promises many exciting challenges, but I would like to pause for a moment right now and take a look back at recent months. For me personally, 2017 was year one with RONDO and in the bakery industry. I have already made the acquaintance of many interesting people and learned a great deal. I’ve discovered that the bakery world is relatively small and that everyone seems to know everyone else. That is an obligation for all of us, and to my way of thinking that's good. Because each and every customer and project merits our full attention and our total commitment. When all is said and done, our good reputation is our most valuable asset. It is this reputation that we want to strengthen every day.

The technology as such is becoming increasingly interchangeable, but the combination with our comprehensive process and product know-how restores its uniqueness. So, our latest step has been to set up a technology team to give us internal support and also to assist our customers in all sorts of ways – process optimisation, recipe preparation or product development.

We've started the process of progressing from machine manufacturer to solutions provider. It's a change that, first and foremost, has to take place in our mindset. This is a long-term project and at the same time it is a daily duty that will never stop. With this conviction we enter the new year in good spirits.

Let me take this opportunity of wishing each and every one of you every success for your personal projects in 2018.

Heinrich Thoma
Sales Director Export


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